ebizframe ERP is a modular, web-enabled, multi-lingual, multi-currency ERP Suite having a leadership presence in Zambia.It has been successfully implemented in Nigeria across Logistics, Manufacturing, Distribution, Plastics, Networking and several Zambia is amongst the leading African countries having one of the most encouraging economic growths in recent times. With the use of ebizframe Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software, Zambian enterprises can significantly enhance their productivity, minimize operational wastage and thereby assist in augmenting the economic growth of their country. To meet global competitive challenges it is required to have robust and versatile ERP software in Zambia like ebizframe, which can automate and improve the functioning of any organization. For consecutive development of an enterprise across various sectors, ebizframe ERP acts as a boon. It is suitable for numerous industries verticals like automobile, steel, textile industries, agriculture, fishing, etc. A business cannot run smoothly without a powerful ERP Solution managing its enterprise-wide operations. ebizframe, an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Software Suite can help sharing information in real-time within an organization which is vital for effective workflow and informed decision making.

Based on the latest technologies available globally ebizframe has tremendous benefits for its users. Information is only accessible to the right people i.e. only authorized personnel can access various information stored. Security and privacy features enhance the tremendous popularity and functionality of this software. It helps in securing and maintaining the overall information of an organization in a structured manner that is easily accessible by the authorized personnel only. ebizframe  ERP  in Zambia is one sort of modular that can be rapidly customized and implemented across enterprises for astonishing Return on Investments (RoI).The Software is suitable for all large, medium as well as small enterprises. It increments productivity by reducing the time involved in duplicating labor and cutting down drastically on operational wastage of precious resources.

Some Salient Features Of ebizframe Are

  • Powered by Oracle Database – the world leaders in databases
  • Scalable/Modular
  • Robust
  • User-friendly software which follows the three-tier architecture
  • Designed with the latest technology
  • Suitable for any size of enterprise in any industry vertical
  • It is easy to integrate it with other tools
  • Can be customized according to the requirement of the organization
  • Deployed easily on intranet and extranet
  • Suitable for any geographical location, language, and currency
  • Automated workflow

ebizframe ERP Software In Zambia

Over  the years, ebizframe ERP in Zambia has been considered an excellent software that can work even on low-speed internet connections. It is easily accessible from any location and on any browser. With its help, the senior management can effectively monitor and manage the overall organization. It is an extremely user-friendly software that can be easily managed and deployed. In any organization, it is imperative to make the right decisions at the right time backed with comprehensive inputs. For effective decision making ebizframe ERP is the best. Management can make well-informed decisions by analyzing the accurate information stored in it and displayed in extremely user-friendly and customizable reports.

Moreover, ebizframe ERP is beneficial for sub-vendors, customers, employees, and anyone else with whom an enterprise interacts whilst conducting its normal operations With ebizframe ERP enterprises can effectively automate, monitor, and manage the entire operational processes from the beginning to the very end.

The various modules in ebizframe ERP are:

  • Sales.
  • Inventory
  • Procurement
  • Finance
  • Production
  • Human Resource Management
  • MS Excel Based Report Writer cum Business Intelligence (BI) Tool – Xlenz

It is a user-friendly tool that can be used with less technical knowledge. This intelligent and versatile tool has many exciting features which are designed for convenience and ease for the employees.

With the use of ebizframe ERP, companies can cut costs, enhance productivity and thereby enhance their profits by becoming more competitive and keeping a tight control on their overheads and resources. It helps companies in getting a better return on investment in the shortest possible time. For availing a free demo facility you can mail us on

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