Van Sales

Features of Van Sales App

  • Order booking
  • Invoice creation
  • Payment collection
  • Delivery status
  • Sales and delivery route management
  • Customers’ list, details and history
  • Document history
  • Item’s list
  • Stock level
  • Daily sales reports
  • In-stock and Out-of stock reports
  • Geo-map integration
  • Van wise sales reports
  • Stock return

Benefits of Van Sales App

  • Up-to-date digital catalogue provides visibility in-stock available in van
  • Allows the rep to submit new sales orders directly into enterprise systems
  • Access real-time product information, customer specific-pricing, stock availability, order history, statements and much more
  • Reduce sales cycle time
  • Eliminate admin cost and errors
  • Plan present and future route easily
  • Analyze the route completeness for each date for single or multiple agents
  • Management as well as the sales executives can track their day-to-day operations and performance with more visibility

Why Choose Us

  • Multi-language support
  • Remote device management
  • Multiple mobile platforms
  • Automatic data synchronization
  • Unlimited customization capabilities
  • Peripherals and built-in features

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