Endowed with significant natural resources, including ample fertile land, regular rainfall, and mineral deposits, Uganda stands to reap benefits from the implementation of ebizframe to better manage its developing economy. Agriculture, Transport & Tourism, Mining and Petroleum sectors urgently need an ERP system to propel the economy towards global competitiveness, and prosperity.

Well, ebizframe is the best Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that assists in managing various aspects of the business in a small, large, or mid-size company. The software takes care of all areas of the business from management of manpower and material to their optimum utilization and from control of inputs to cutting down costs to efficient production and smart marketing strategies to achieve the highest profits and operational efficiency. The key to success lies in the facility provided by ebizframe of providing a bird’s eye view of progress and process monitoring and compliance in every department of each profit/cost centre, so that all decisions taken are based on authentic and latest information of the current status and in real time.

To be precise, an ERP system helps businesses in many ways, like-aiding the processes of manufacturing, distribution, logistics, or shipping to help manage production, quality, human resource management, marketing, sales, billing, accounting, and customer satisfaction.

Therefore, A powerful and versatile ERP system like ebizframe gathers and centralises information for easier decision-making keeping in view reports from all centres and geographical locations. The consolidation, and centralization of information results in better coordination and therefore in immense time saving, cost reduction, and elimination of duplication of work and effort.

ebizframe solves problems of a number of enterprises across the world. Well, in the same way, the system is designed to bring coordination and transparency to all functions of the business, beginning with planning and designing to sourcing of materials and factors and from controlling the cost of production to optimizing sales through a smart strategy of marketing. It saves, time, money and energy by systemizing all functions such as management of human resources through efficient scheduling, and smooth execution of streamlined processes across departments/locations in an enterprise. Since a clear picture is presented of business at all the centers, it is possible to plan business strategies and initiatives as per the local backdrop, constraints and specific laws, and taxation policies.

ebizframe seamlessly integrates with applications such as mail servers, attendance recording systems, and bar coding machines and provides instant access to various modules through extremely user friendly graphic dashboards.

ebizframe has the following modules:

  • Sales
  • Procurement
  • Materials
  • Manufacturing
  • Finance
  • Human Resource Information System
  • Report Writer Cum Business Intelligence (BI) Tool– Xlenz
  • Management Dashboards
  • Other custom-made modules that include Point-of-Sale, Customer Care, System Admin, Executive Information System and more…

Some of the finest features offered by ebizframe can be listed as following:

  • Powered By Oracle
  • Uses 3-tier architecture—Can be deployed in Intranet as well as Extranet
  • Customizable, Intuitive, Easy-to-use
  • Offers the power of maintaining multiple businesses across multiple geographies, currencies and languages
  • Automated workflows
  • Easy to integrate with diverse third party applications

Ebizframe ERP’s Participation In Uganda’s Growth & Development

Over the years, ebizframe ERP has stood steadfast with Uganda’s Enterprise in its march towards growth and development for many years. ebizframe has contributed significantly to the automation of several Ugandan enterprises and bringing them face to face with the world’s leading technology platforms and IT solutions. It is therefore not surprising that ebizframe is the no. 1 ERP Solution in the mid-segment in East Africa.

Some of the many successful ebizframe ERP implementations in Uganda are:

1. Uganda’s leading bottled water manufacturer with a capacity of producing 100,000 bottles daily successfully streamlines its operations using ebizframe ERP.

2. One of the largest steel products manufacturer in Uganda and one of the most respected companies in East Africa chooses ebizframe ERP instead of Oracle Apps to enhance inventory control, customer satisfaction, and inter-location connectivity.

3. A leading cotton garments manufacturer decides to automate his entire operations using ebizframe ERP.

Why Us!

Uganda's number one ice cream and yogurt brand runs on ebizframe

One of the finest & most reliable steel manufacturing company in Uganda and East Africa relies on ebizframe

Leading industrial and commercial printing & packaging firm in Uganda trusts ebizframe ERP

Largest FMCG Distribution House in East Africa relies on ebizframe ERP

Key Benefits

An ERP is a great tool that helps in the reduction of the operational costs by preventing wastage and ensuring the optimum use of all available resources.

Decision Making Tool:An ERP plays a catalytic role in planning and initiating informed decision-making for the organization. The decision maker has all the relevant in front of him on his dashboard which allows him to take decisions in a well-informed manner promptly.

The ERP Suite helps in the smooth automation of the business processes in the various departments of an enterprise. This ensures that the management can monitor and control their business operations in real time at the click of a button and take remedial measures wherever necessary.

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