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Terms & Conditions Eastern Software Systems

Operational Excellence: OE can be defined as a state of excellence an organization attains if all its resources perform at their optimum levels following the processes laid down to increase the productivity of the organization. Operational excellence is often quantified in the form of cost reduction and the reduction in the number and cycle time of various processes. ebizframe ERP Software in India is the best tool for an enterprise to achieve operational excellence in any business vertical. It streamlines the processes across the enterprise thereby eliminating redundant data which results in reduced cost and improved quality. ebizframe ERP Software in India also provides you actionable insights so that you can take corrective measures to attain optimum performance for your business in the least time possible.

Managerial Effectiveness: One of the ripple effects of Operational Excellence is Managerial Effectiveness. When all the data and information pertaining to resource utilization and deployment is available in real time, a Manager becomes empowered to take quick, informed and more effective decisions in the best interest of the business. ebizframe ERP Software in India enables a manager to have a consolidated view of the entire business regardless of the location and span of the business. Using this feature he can orchestrate the best deployment and utilization of resources at his disposal. ebizframe ERP software in India also offers you process consistency which implies that the team responds to a certain situation according to predefined processes irrespective of the person on the job is new or old. The response of the organization to a certain issue is highly consistent thereby ensuring better customer satisfaction.

Strategic Enablement: Managers often complain that they devote too much time in resolving operational issues on a daily basis leaving them little time to strategize for the growth and improvement of their business. ebizframe ERP Software in India brings about Strategic Enablement in your enterprise that enables you to devote less time to routine activities and focus your attention on innovation, diversification and preparing your enterprise for the next level of growth.