Task Management

Task Management App is intuitive and user-friendly which can trace tasks or projects assigned to anyone in the organization along with their deadlines. With supportive features, it helps in better planning, execution, and collaboration of projects and tracking your team's progress. It allows you to allocate work, organize, keep track of the work done, store important data, and so on. It is helpful for both the individuals and team in increasing productivity by avoiding distraction and inefficient practices.

Features of Task Management App

  • Dashboard that shows summary of all the activities like customer wise pending order, task by month, current status of multiple projects, recently updated task etc.
  • Allow user to create or assign new task
  • Create task against project
  • Task distribution to team members
  • Task scheduling
  • Time tracking
  • Task progress tracking by % completion
  • Create role master
  • Task status update and closure
  • Users can also create sub task against one task
  • File sharing
  • Reports

Benefits of Task Management App

  • Dashboard helps users to view all the ongoing and recent activities
  • Easily track each project and its progress.
  • Reinforceing team communication and collaboration
  • Give priorities to projects
  • Give more visibility in multiple projects by sending notifications and alerts about deadlines to the team members

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