Stock Take App

Stock Enquiry App provides features for checking the availability of the Read Less stock using barcode scan and manual search on phone from anywhere.

Features of Stoke Take App

  • Conduct stock take online anytime
  • It is always item wise as you move in warehouse from one end to other end by bin location
  • Filter Bin Location while for doing stock take
  • Barcode scanning or manual search option available for quick pickup of items from a particular bin.
  • Online recording of physical stock balances for each item.
  • Change or assign bin location to any item in real -time
  • Variance report between physical stock and system stock is automatically generated after stock take is completed

Benefits of Stock Take App

  • Ease of Stock taking process.
  • Improve the accuracy to get actual variance.
  • Much faster than the traditional stock take methods.
  • Accurate information about bin location for quick search of items.
  • Save storekeeper’s time in looking for any item.
  • Conduct Rrandom stock take for any bin or item

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