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Our outsourced services enable us to deliver mission-critical reliable, optimized and secure systems at lower costs. Our goal is to provide effective management of your existing infrastructure investments, allowing you to modernize your IT, including moving parts of your network to the cloud.

Eastern Software Systems (ESS) provides staff augmentation services to companies in the IT and non-IT sectors based on its 30 years expertise in software development. Our developers are proficient in Java, .NET, Python, Go, PHP, C++, and other techs.

ITO transformations, through proven tools and techniques, provide up to a 30 percent reduction in operating costs. Automating with advanced intelligence ensures continuous optimization.

Our services cover everything from data centers, storage, networks, mainframes, and business continuity.

There are a number of benefits offered by IT Outsourcing Companies, such as enhanced monitoring, greater process flexibility, and prevention of system failure.

The experts at ESS can assist you with meeting organizational demands and achieving better results. This allows your in-house teams to focus on other key activities and improve their performance.

ESS as one of the leading IT outsourcing companies can offer our clients a wide range of technical services. Our software and network engineers are always available with solutions to your technical queries.

Since no two problems are the same, no two solutions can be the same, so we strive to provide our customers with customized solutions that meet their needs. To address the intimidating challenges of dynamic IT organizations, our IT support provides a fusion of their technical skills.

The ESS outsourcing management team provides fully managed, co-sourced and hosted IT services, as well as managed cloud and hosting services.

The various technologies for which ESS provides services are:

Business Intelligence (ETL) UI Path, Automation Anywhere Python
Manual Testing_JIRA Oracle ADF Angular
RTM Analyst Oracle Apex .Net
WFM Analyst Clickview Microservices Leads
ReactJs PHP Unica
Talend (DI/ESB) Oracle Developer 2000. Cloudflare/AWS
Scrum Master Java Infra/AWS Infra
Java, Microservices PL/SQL Cloud Engineers
Solution Engineer Dev Leads Automation

Why ESS is the perfect partner for your IT Outsourcing needs?

  • Experience with Forture 10 clients
  • Access top IT Talent
  • Offshore/Onsite/Global deployment Capabilities
  • Shared and dedicated ODC
  • Strong Domain Knowledge
  • High speed communication
  • Highly secure environment
  • All hours availability to suit your time zone

Benefits of IT Staff Augmentation

While both staff augmentation and project outsourcing can be beneficial in certain circumstances, the former is often most beneficial for project-based businesses who are in a state of constant flux. With IT staff augmentation, organizations can use outsourced talent on an as-needed basis, while still being able to manage workers directly.

Filling the skills gap

The benefit of hiring IT staff augmentation starts with the flexibility of hiring based on needs. If you have gaps in your IT workforce that need filling, this can be a really useful model for expanding your team. Depending on your needs, staff augmentation allows you to hire tech talent globally and add skilled technical resources to your in-house development team.

Investing in What You Need

IT staff augmentation also allows organizations to save money over time. Employing temporary workers is a unique way to reduce the need for full-time employees, which can be quite expensive. You only pay for what you require during the specified period of time.

Crucial Time Saver

By augmenting your IT team, you can also save your business leaders valuable time. It is very time-consuming to hire full-time employees, prepare job postings, and interview job candidates. By outsourcing IT, you can cut down on recruitment efforts tremendously.

Retaining control over existing staff

It is also advantageous to choose IT staff augmentation if you would like to maintain control over your existing staff. Staff augmentation allows you to choose a temporary team to work with. You can choose who leads the project and which objectives are most important.

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