The Retail Sector has undergone a metamorphosis in recent times. It has come of age and has gone through a major transformation particularly over the last decade with a noticeable shift towards organised retailing. The immediate future will bring more challenges for every retailer as new rivals join the market place and the competition gets more intense.

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Retailers have to understand the importance of recording market fluctuations and responding to the various dormant opportunities that can be seized. ebizframe ERP is the perfect Retail ERP System in India which can help entrepreneurs and managers alike to manage all the retail operations effectively thereby avoiding excruciating processes and efforts.

It maintains the consumer buying history with its easily accessible contact and demographic details. The detailed purchase history helps in controlling material returns and monitoring discounts. ebizframe ERP software for Retail has been built by a team of proficient experts who have successfully delivered multiple Retail ERP systems projects across the globe. ebizframe Retail ERP Software India is designed to map a vast number of SKUs, Stock rotation, inventory planning based on size, style, colour, slow-moving /non-moving stocks, expiry dates, etc.


Why ebizframe ERP?


In Retail, the last thing you want is to keep your customers waiting endlessly in line while your staff performs the requisite transactions manually. Thanks to ebizframe ERP equipped with a robust POS (Point-of-Sale) System, it can handle complex and multiple transactions in real time. Transactional data from multiple supermarkets can be consolidated on a centralized ebizframe Retail ERP System which can be used to generate MIS Reports on profitability and sales forecast. Browser enabled ebizframe ERP for Retail allows the top management to plan, monitor and manage Inventory, Performance Reports, Areas for Improvements, etc. on a real time basis. SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) based ebizframe Retail ERP Software India offers you to manage multiple organizations across different countries, a ideal erp software for retail industry.



  • Improves data accuracy and product traceability throughout the Supply Chain.
  • Promotes accurate documentation and quick retrieval of ingredient and Finished Goods Quality Control (QC) Testing Results.
  • Mapping of shelf lives and expiration dates so as to automatically identify the items meeting a customer’s minimum shelf life requirements.
  • Easy to Implement, Easy to run.
  • Export reports in required formats.
  • Analysis & Reporting.
  • Integration with Business Systems.
  • Expiry lots can be considered on FIFO basis automatically.
  • Wirelessly upload stock count.
  • Data security with Remote Device Management capability.
  • Track RFID, Barcodes, Serial Numbers.
  • Effective Inventory Management helps in reducing the stock holding costs and at the same time prevents any Sales/goodwill loss because of shortages.
  • Can be configured as per your needs.

Manage End-To-End Retail Operations:

CASH CONTROL and POS (Point of Sales)

  • You can maintain a central databank of all your store-related data, audit trails, item descriptions and prices, definition of baskets, staff information and their roles.
  • You can also create new user accounts, define their roles and create passwords for log-ins. Through audit trail reports you can trace individual actions thus making an employee more alert and accountable.
  • Barcode reading facility allows quick and easy stock verification of physical goods at retail POS.
  • Ensures uninterrupted sales in a no-network, no-server scenario and performs automatic data refreshment across the network when it resumes online.
  • Your “sudden shrink” no longer goes undetected.
  • Markdown management is much easier.
  • Promotions can be tracked more
  • Maintain control in absentia.
  • Consistent prices across locations.
  • Use your personnel more efficiently and more productively.
  • Many tools in a single package.
  • Time Clocks, Payroll.
  • Customer Preference Database.
  • POS is totally compatible with POS hardware peripherals such as Barcode Scanners, Thermal or Dot Matrix Receipt Printers, Electronic Cash Drawers and others.

Procurement Management

  • Purchase Order Processing for:
    • Domestic and Import purchases.
    • Inventory and Non-inventory items
    • Capital Goods
    • Services
  • Automatic/manual triggering of purchase requisitions based on MRS
  • Managing Supplier’s Quotations, Comparisons and Prices history
  • On-line Price history for easier, faster decision making
  • Vendor evaluation based on quality, price & delivery time
  • Generate Purchase Order in multiple currencies.
  • PO amendments with complete amendment history
  • Paperless Supplier Bill processing
  • Value based approvals
  • Supply Chain integration

Mobile Stocktaking

  • An efficient and accurate process for managing stock-takes.
  • Errors and costs greatly reduced in a mobile stock-take, but speed and flexibility improves significantly.
  • Stock inaccuracies are quickly identified and resolved.
  • Easy-to-use with minimal training.
  • Increase your functional efficiency.

Inventory Management

  • Optimum Stock Level can be achieved using various stock levels maintained in the software along with precise Material Requirement Planning (MRP) based on current orders in hand, expected orders, forecasts, etc.
  • Safety Stock can be maintained to cover both excess material consumption within the replenishment lead time and any additional requirements that may occur due to delivery delays.
  • Calculation of buffer stock to avoid stock-outs.
  • Through Inventory categorization (ABC Analysis), inventory’s hot spots can be identified and can be separated from the rest of the items, especially those that are low in value but high in numbers.
  • Goods Receipt Notes (GRN) and inspection.
  • Making necessary adjustments to stock in hand after a physical stock-take.

Product Pricing & Discounting

  • Discounts can be applied to selected or all products.
  • Discounts can be configured for selected or all retail outlets.
  • Discounts can be percentage discounts, flat discounts, fixed price discounts, global discounts on invoice value, quantity discounts, etc.
  • Schemes are applied only during a given date range. These discounts can be fed into the system well in advance.
  • “Happy Hours” Discounts can also be configured for certain clock time. For example, from 1 PM to 3PM. Discounts will be applied only for these two hours.

ebizframe ERP for Retail is a result of our focus on continual use and refinement of our processes. We do not let anything stand in the way of continual, measurable improvements. We are not afraid to take a hard, unflinching look at the finest details of our procedures and processes and implement a course-rectification wherever necessary

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