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Machinery downtime and under-utilization of capacity costs exorbitantly in the Energy & Utilities industry. ESS has developed a powerful, mature, stable and comprehensive yet flexible & scalable Enterprise Resource Management Solution with the capability of hosting on-cloud or on-premise, to help you manage all aspects of the Oil and Gas industry e.g. asset lifecycle,  asset planning & budgeting, maintenance and disposal, etc.

ebizframe for Oil and Gas industry comprises of all the functionalities that are necessary to perform the business processes in a more efficient and profitable way. ebizframe has empowered many Oil & Gas companies across the world by providing excellence, building and delivering enterprise solutions as per their needs.

ebizframe for Oil & Gas is an exclusive ERP system for the Oil and Gas Industry which is capable of playing a major role in standardizing the business processes in this industry and integrates the disparate operations of the organization into a single system.

Oil and Gas industry is characterised by its large scale of operation, many processing units dispersed across geographies,  complex supply chain demands and a 24*7 operation which creates extreme stress on both man and machine. Standardization plays an important role in such an industry. ebizframe for Oil & Gas provides all the required features and procedures to streamline these functions and to integrate these distributed operations. 

The primary objective of ebizframe ERP is to provide organizations with the strategic insight, instil the ability to take decisions, increase productivity and give the required flexibility and tools to the Management to achieve projected profits.

ebizframe offers unprecedented functionalities like measuring, monitoring, forecasting, reporting, and analysing capabilities within a single system to empower the Management to make better business decisions every day and drive business performance goals.

The ultimate objective of standardization is not just limited to cost savings; it is also imperative to achieving competitive advantage and flexibility for the business by allowing speedy movement into new markets and workload regulations among geographically dispersed offices.

Information originates and flows through every process and functional unit of an Oil & Gas enterprise from initial field exploration to drilling, production, and delivery, to more general requirements in the corporate office.

oil and gas erp industry

ebizframe ERP has helped companies speed up and process the flow of data, from the oil field across the entire upstream business. It has also helped in managing equipment maintenance, shutdowns, budgets, Work Orders, Service Logs, and many other functions that ensure that the assets of the enterprise are properly maintained and are delivering optimum performance levels. Implementing a web-based ERP system like ebizframe gives the freedom and flexibility to manage your business from anywhere and anytime. With ebizframe, it is possible to work from the office, home or while travellling. With ebizframe implementation, oil and gas firms have achieved significant performance improvements and eventually increased profitability. ebizframe also easily integrates with your existing IT systems.

To know more about ebizframe for Oil & Gas, please write to us at: marketing@essindia.com.

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