Judicial Automation

Judicial Automation is the primary need of Courts today which are overloaded with Cases and need a tool to Automate their working. ebizframeJustice has functions like Scheduling Hearings, Case histories, Court Workflows, Event notices etc. It has general purpose scheduling engine designed to accommodate various different scheduling models followed by Courts. It can also help automate legal departments of large corporates as well as create strong countrywide e-justice networks.

ebizframe Justice makes available most of the elegant, sophisticated and context specific search features. ebizframeJustice is born out of the understanding that Law is a serious subject and getting to relevant results in the shortest time and most convenient way is essential to the law professionals.
ebizframe Justice provides the full textof more than 3,00,000 judgments onvarious law areas from Supreme Court, all High Courts and major tribunals / commissions, along withcentral and state acts and rules.

  1. Court-wise Databases – Supreme Court and High Court decisions on all areas of law, especially on the above subjects, till the present date. ebizframeJustice also covers the decisions of major Tribunals and Commissions like ITAT (with 3rd Member and Special Bench), CEGAT, CESTAT, SAT, CAT, TDSAT, DRAT, MRTPC, State and National Consumer Redressed Forums.

  2. Statutory Information – More than 2,000 State and Central Acts & Rules, Regulations, the Notifications & Circulars from law enforcement authorities under these acts, which include CBDT, CBEC, CLB, RBI, SEBI, NSDL, MCA, FEMA, etc. along with statutory forms as well as various deeds and agreements and legal maxims. Various procedures and practices with model resolutions, notices, Budget Speeches from 1947-2008 along with Notes on Clauses and Memorandum.

ebizframeJustice – Key features :

  • Intuitive & Sophisticated Search on Full Text, Subject, Section-Act, Title, Key-Words & Key-Phrases, and Statutes referred, Coram of Judges, Name of the Court, Date of Decision, and Equivalent Citations etc.
  • Backward & Forward links to the judgment (to the extent feasible) through hyperlinks.
  • Store your expertise with ebizframejustice by attaching notes, reminders, and keywords – and search them in consonance with a search on the database at any later time.
  • Assisted Querying using ebizframejustice Assistant – When you can’t do your research yourself, send your query to Jurix Assistant and our team of researchers will provide answers. Conditions and charges apply.
  • Tamper-proof printing of results such that the results cannot be altered when being printed.
  • Mobile Access through Windows enabled mobiles or PDAs – so you can get the information even when you are moving.

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