Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is now part of life in all walks of life, from the home to businesses. As IoT connects everything and everyone, it will make the world better and smarter than it has ever been. In a world of intelligent, connected devices, IoT solutions help organizations analyze data generated by physical sensors. Your business can be transformed by this data, revealing hidden patterns and insights that can help you make better decisions and take action sooner.

IoT Solutions

By delivering innovative IoT powered solutions, Eastern Software Systems (ESS) helps organizations transform their business needs into competitive differentiators. Our comprehensive IoT services include integrating sensors and deriving insights, as well as selecting the best-fit platform.

Our IoT solutions can redefine your Manufacturing 4.0

1.Shop Floor Management 

Manufacturing starts on the shop floor. It’s where material moves, the product is created, and ultimately, where the work gets done. IoT solutions help manufacturers to bridge the gap between the shop floor and workers by digitizing end-to-end operations of the shop floor. The solution gives a digital ‘Shop Floor To Do list’ that makes it easy for workers to understand what has to be done. It also gives an easy communication platform to workers to access any material information they need. In the IoT smart manufacturing plants, multiple visual shop floor screens enhance the visibility into the manufacturing processes and provide real-time information to track performance or check the status of machines. Besides this, IoT solutions ensure that manufactured products are matching the benchmarked quality standards with its exception handling benefit.

  • Shop floor To-Do list
  • Communication Platform
  • Exception Handling
  • Visual Shop floor

2.Quality Management System

Quality control is fundamental in every industry, but in manufacturing, it’s hyper-critical as the rising number of defection rate can be a huge financial cost to manufacturers. An effective Quality Management System relies on the ability to constantly monitor and control a host of machine and process parameters that impact product quality. IoT applications ensure error-free planned production with online check sheets and real-time monitoring. It provides needed resources to the management team to make better decisions for the business.

  • Drawing Extraction
  • Error-free PPAP Documents
  • Online Check sheets
  • Real-time Analysis and OEE
  • Focused Business Decisions

3.Intelligent Manufacturing System

IoT solutions are implemented with an aim to provide a centralized ‘Intelligent Manufacturing System’ that facilitates machine control and monitoring remotely. As a result, it eliminates the unnecessary physical presence of workers or supervisors on the shop floor. The provided IoT application can be easily accessed by any device be it mobile, laptop, or desktop. The prominent application of IoT ‘predictive maintenance’ has the capability to assess the condition of the machines frequently and alert the maintenance team for the maintenance schedule in advance.

  • Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
  • Machine Control
  • Remote Management Globally
  • Any device access
  • Monitoring
  • Single Closed-Loop System

4.Manufacturing Execution System

No matter the size of a manufacturing business, the ‘Manufacturing Execution System (MES)’ is essential to drive optimal performance in today’s competitive and rapidly changing manufacturing environment. It can be easily achieved by IoT solutions and make the manufacturing process data-driven. The system can monitor, track, document, and control the entire process of manufacturing goods from raw materials to finished products. Integrated with ERP and process control systems, MES gives decision-makers the critical data they need to make the shop floor more efficient and optimized.

  • Execution of Production Orders
  • Management of Resources
  • Collection of Production Data
  • Production Performance Analysis
  • Production Track and Trace

5.Product Lifecycle Management

IoT solutions help organizations to manufacture products and bring them to market faster by managing product lifecycle. The centralized product documentation with real-time updates and changes makes the process of document approval at different stages easier and faster. The solution help manufacturers integrate their data from various enterprise data sources such as ERP and track the product throughout its value chain from inception, planning, design, and manufacturing, to sales and service.

  • Change Management
  • Product Documentation
  • Document Approval

Some of the key benefits of IoT solution for your business are:

  • Maintain real-time monitoring of your products and inventory
  • Gather and learn your equipments vitals
  • Process integration and transformation.
  • Enhance decision-making with augmented intelligence.
  • IoT process design, development, integration, deployment and management.
  • Easily integrate IoT solutions into existing enterprise architecture.

Our IoT services

IoT consulting services

  • Developing a strategy for IoT.
  • Modeling business processes using technology and process consulting
  • Establishing a problem statement and suggesting a solution blueprint
  • Leading-edge thinking and the development of business-ready use cases
  • Product and service enhancements
  • Selection of technology stacks
  • IoT architecture design
  • Selection of hardware
  • Designing a cybersecurity strategy
  • Defining the scope and schedule of IoT implementation projects

End-to-End System Integration

  • Online CRM and other content
  • System integration with ERP
  • Gateway integration for SMS and email
  • Integration of multiple internet of things assets with a variety of functionalities, departments, and stages in the product lifecycle

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