ESS’ Healthcare Management Solution (HMS) brings operational excellence in health care management and helps healthcare providers deliver a high-value healthcare experience. Our solution, ebizframeRx Hospital Management Systems (HMS), provides real-time access and information in healthcare organizations, enables information exchange among patients and doctors and brings visibility and transparency to operational support.

ebizframeRx is tightly integrated with medical imaging solutions, web portal and Business Intelligence (BI) applications. It helps create totally integrated, paperless healthcare enterprises and e-Health Networks. Our technologies build effective systems, practices and improve overall healthcare management. ESS also offers advanced analytics to drive insights for better outcomes and research.

ebizframeRx HMS is a complete Hospital Management ERP Solution for every care point. Built on state-of-the-art technology using industry standard formats, ebizframeRx HMS enables clinical improvements, decreases medication errors, adheres to regulatory compliance, realizes faster Return on Investment and attains overall administrative and clinical improvements.

ebizframeRx is also a comprehensive Hospital Information System (HIS) for managing the workflow processes across the healthcare enterprise. It is capable of both retrieving and disseminating patient specific data (clinical and financial) across the entire health enterprise.

Salient Features of ebizframeRx HMS:

  • Based on RDBMS for easy retrieval and better performance
  • Portable across a variety of platforms
  • Easy GUI interface
  • WEB Based HIS
  • WAP enabled features
  • User friendly administration
  • Audit logging of transactions
  • Standard function keys
  • Comprehensive user security

Regulatory Standards Compliance

ebizframeRx HMS adheres to the following international healthcare standards:

  • Digital Imaging & Communication in Medicine (DICOM) – For image
  • Health Level 7 (HL7) – For messaging & communicating with HL7 compliant systems
  • International Statistical   Classification of Diseases & Related Health
  • Problems œ 10th Revision (ICD-10) – Controls for ICD coding of discharge diagnosis details

ebizframeRx Hospital Management System Software is based on 3-Tier Architecture and developed on .Net Technology which allows for scalability, central management of business rules, reduced maintenance and a single point of deployment. Moreover, it is a completely platform independent, web-enabled and open source compliant application. ebizframe Rx HMS allows Windows Operating System from client side to connect to the application over intranet or internet. Data mining and warehousing support, providing multi-dimensional view of data, MIS and DSS reports is desirable from the application

 Presentation Layer

  • HTML: platform independent
  • Browser based client: thin client model
  • No client installation for application

Application Layer

  • Option for open source, free servers without loss of performance/features
  • Reusability i.e. component based
  • Standards driven i.e. no vendor locking
  • High availability
  • Easy to upgrade i.e. server level upgrade only

Technical Specifications of ebizframeRx HMS

  • Tier Application Architecture.
  • IIS 6.0 Application Server.
  • My-SQL 5 Data Base Server.
  • NET 2.0(C#), Java-Script for Application Development.
  • AJAX enabled feature in application.
  • All MIS Reporting is Crystal Report XI.
  • Windows 2008 Enterprise Server and above
  • IE 6.0 Web browser on client

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