Gate Pass Outbound

Gate Pass Outbound is an easy-to-use mobile app in which a person at the gate can generate a Gate Pass for the goods via scanning the QR Code or manually searching the invoice number, and approve the material for going outside the premises.

Features of Gate Pass Outbound App

  • 1.The dashboard that shows the pending dispatch goods, todays dispatch, last 1 month/year dispatch report.
  • 2.Gate Pass –Person at the gate can verify the goods by seeing the records of already generated gate passes by scanning the QR Code or manually searching the invoice number of the material.
  • 3.Report-The user can see the gate pass register report to get relevant information about invoices for which the gate pass has already been generated.

Benefits of Gate Pass Outbound App

  • 1. Automates manual end-to-end material gate pass processes
  • 2. Digital gate pass for all the goods dispatched ensures security for organization to get its goods transferred from one place to another
  • 3. Easy-to-use app designed with keeping in mind its users
  • 4. Capture and record details with picture, photo ID of the vendor, invoice numbers, or any other specifications as required by scanning QR or bar code of goods going out.

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