Chemical companies often strive to earn profits due to increased competition from international players and stringent government norms due to environmental issues. Companies need to get the best out of their processes with least investment to maintain profitability and market share.

For this many companies resort to Enterprise Applications which integrate and automate their processes thus reducing the cost and increasing the efficiency manifold. The problems faced by chemical companies are similar to any other process manufacturers but in addition to that chemical manufacturing software have some unique requirements like

  • Regulatory Compliance (MSDS etc.)
  • Co Products, By Products & Recycling
  • Special Characters Support
  • Active Formula Adjustment
  • Reformulation
  • Research and Development
  • Lot History
  • Shelf Life
  • Multiple Units of Measurement
  • ebizframe ERP software for Chemical Industry has evolved as the most desirable ERP after it has recognition by serving some of the most diverse manufacturers in chemicals industry.

Types of Processes

Blending operations

They involve only mixing of certain chemicals in as per formulae. There is no reaction, no change in quantity and generally there is no by-product. This is comparatively simple production process.

Reaction based

Here the chemicals put together in a given ratio and pre-defined processes actually go through certain reactions which change the character of the output totally. e.g. from liquids to solids. The final manufactured quantity may not simply be a total of two or three ingredients but may be less or may increase in volume, though not in weight. There would be by-products too. The reaction being complex, the output may not be as per inputs and as the batch goes through series of QC tests, certain chemicals may be added during process to get the right output.  Batch yield reports are typically a critical requirement in this type of production. The change in yield during chemical process can result in change in batch cost significantly.

ebizframe chemical erp software handles batch production based discreet manufacturing chemical industry successfully. It can also handle continuous process industry  that produces in batches but process in continuous, i.e. input from one end of the production line comes out directly as a finished production, with no work in process separation or recording possible in between various processes e.g. Plastic Sheets Production.

There is a mix of continuous process and batch production also, like in Milk powder and Edible oils.  These can be handled in with a little customization in ebizframe. In such processes, the data is generally captured through PLC machines and this can be imported into erp system easily.

One can define the Bill of Materials (generally called ‘recipe’ in chemical pharmacy parlance) for a production batch. But, the input quantities can change based on potency or purity of the raw materials. Thus, input of an acid in a batch of 10kg may be 200 ml for 98% purity. If the available stock is of 96%, this quantity will change to, say 210 ml.  Therefore, the issue slip needs to be flexible to allow this.

Critical features of ebizframe ERP Software for Chemical Industry are listed below:

Quality Assurance


  • Flexible creation of QC parameters for raw materials, WIP, SF goods and Finished Good, with possibility of defining upper/lower limits of any spec and flagging for a mandatory parameter that may result in stopping a batch based on that critical spec.
  • Pre- process, In process and Post-process Quality Control testing.
  • Possibility of manual entry or interface with lab equipment.
  • Printing of QC analysis reports in required formats of different statutory authorities.
  • Upload or attaching of independent third party lab reports with an item or product for submission at a relevant stage.
  • Attaching or embedding SOPs for different processes for cGMP support.
  • Availability of analytical reports to cater to different needs.
  • Full regulatory support including EC Numbers (EINECS / ELINCS), MSDS printing,
  • SARA, Bioterrorism Act and other regulatory reporting, as well as support for in-house EHS programs.




  • Pricing
  • Category based Specific pricing
  • Advanced Forecasting, with transfer of forecasts to Sales Orders.
  • Sales Templates for rapid Customer Service response
  • Pricing flexibility with customer/category or product/quantity/revenue based options
  • Credit limit controls
  • Product/Batch wise or customer wise profitability
  • Incentive schemes in case of marketing schemes etc.
  • Exports
  • Export Documentation




  • Vendor approval mechanism
  • Vendor Contract pricing and tracking.
  • Imports
  • Rejection tracking
  • Vendor assessment on various parameters




  • Comprehensive and effective Inventory management.
  • Quarantined, Rejected, Rework able stocks control
  • Consistent and coherent Lot Tracking System with product recall and explosion capabilities.
  • Lot Attributes – Internal lot no, supplier lot no, receipt date, quarantine date, QC results.
  • Batch tracking including expiry, destruction or renewal of expired stocks.
  • Numerous Lot Picking Strategies.




  • Formula Management system with comprehensive Bill of Materials functionality that provides flexible packaging alternatives, with support for Private Label Manufacturing.
  • Batch costing
  • Batch yield
  • Proper Co-products and By-products Management
  • Advanced Costing decision support: ‘What – if’ costing,
  • Productivity, utilization and yield analysis.
  • Statutory requirements
  • R&D project budget and cost tracking and materials consumption tracking




  • Plant maintenance – preventive and breakdown
  • In-house or third party maintenance
  • Calibrations- Equipment maintenance
  • Certification of some equipment may be statutory in a few cases, need to store or attach those test reports.
  • Repair cost
  • Breakdown reports
  • Spares inventory


Benefits of ebizframe ERP software:


  • We have carefully applied our chemical industry technical and business experience to the development of ebizframe ERP software for Chemical Industry for more than 20 years.
  • Optimize operations across your entire organization by connecting all areas of your business.
  • Improved Business Insight – Retrieve, view and analyze important business information from one centralized location. Allow your decision makers to find solutions immediately with confidence and drive business success.
  • Intuitive Interface – Access your customers, products, suppliers and enterprise level information from a single data dashboard.
  • Transform Your Business – ebizframe ERP software for Chemical Industry equips you with the tools to react rapidly and cost effectively to changing market, business and industry conditions.

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