Electronic proof of delivery(ePOD)

Electronic proof of delivery(ePOD) mobile app help your drivers to avoid the problems of packages being delivered to the wrong address or claims that the package was not delivered. It is also a good practice for delivery teams to have a proof of delivery tracking system. In the past, this was usually done by physically signing a piece of paper but that is now being replaced by e-signature or photo proof captured on the delivery drivers' mobile phone.

Features of ePod App

  • Map view of the customers’ location for delivery
  • Delivery acknowledgement
  • Window to capture Receiver Name with his Phone No., Image, Signature, GPS Location.

Benefits of ePod App

  • Real-time basis delivery confirmation.
  • Delivery person can see assigned multiple delivery locations on the map .
  • This application is designed to get most out of the delivery system of the customer and get the location based and secure way to deliver the goods
  • Automatic updation about delivery details, location of delivery, products delivered in ERP.
  • Real-time check & balance of customer delivery.

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