A company has to address diverse issues ranging from constantly monitoring and managing costs and revenue to inventory control and from human resource management to maintaining financial and accounting records as per statutory requirements.
Well, the software solution that is extremely effective in automating all these processes and enabling the Senior Management of an Enterprise to monitor them in real-time is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. A large number of companies—small, medium, and large—operating in DR Congo have already discovered the multiple benefits of using an ERP system to make their e-biz operations more competitive by becoming more adaptive to change and thereby creating a potential for their enterprise reaching farther than ever before. The enterprises have achieved a more cost-effective work method, dramatically reduced internal decision-making time, and also opened avenues for them to rapidly ramp up to the next level and scale of operation.

An ebizframe ERP system helps manufacturers, distributors, traders, exporters, shipping companies, and enterprises across all industry verticals and their managers are relying heavily on it for streamlining and automating their various operational processes like marketing and sales, production, quality control, manpower management, accounting, and public relations.

An ERP system streamlines automates integrates, and centralizes the flow of information, which in turn helps in faster and, more efficient decision-making as it puts at a glance a comprehensive number of reports from various functions to help reach a logical, faster and well-informed decision. It ensures a reduction in wastage of precious resources by optimizing them resulting in cost-cutting across all departments.

ebizframe is a Top-class ERP software that is designed keeping in mind the complex problems enterprises face worldwide. It is a robust, versatile, and modular ERP solution that ensures automation of all aspects of your business operations from Manufacturing to Finance and from Sales to HR, also taking care of Procurement, Corporate Communication, and Executive Reporting.

Besides reducing costs and raising productivity, it improves quality and enhances the efficiency of every worker and at every level. With the implementation of ebizframe, enterprises are managing their operations at multiple locations from a centralized hub. It enables the user to monitor and analyze individual as well as consolidated accounts of various branches and sub-businesses the one hand and on the other, it helps make informed and precise decisions quickly whilst ensuring that all processes are in full compliance with the local statutory regulations and legal requirements about to taxation, labour, etc.

Moreover, ebizframe is a powerful, a sophisticated and easy to implement and use ERP system that integrates flawlessly with third-party applications such as mail servers, attendance recording systems, bar coding machines, etc. and also gives quick insights into various modules with the help of graphical dashboards.

ebizframe ERP has the following modules:

  • Sales
  • Procurement
  • Materials
  • Manufacturing
  • Finance
  • Human Resource Information System
  • Reporting (XLenz)
  • Management Dashboards
  • Other custom-made modules that include Point-of-Sale, Customer Care, System Admin, Executive Information System and more…

Some of the finest features offered by ebizframe can be listed as following:

  • Built on the Oracle platform
  • Uses 3-tier architecture—deployable on Intranet as well as Extranet
  • Customizable, Intuitive, Easy-to-use interfaces
  • Offers the power of maintaining multiple businesses across multiple global regions, currencies, and languages
  • Automated workflows
  • Easy to integrate with diverse third-party applications

ebizframe ERP has a Report Writer cum Business Intelligence (BI) Tool known as XLenz, with powerful business intelligence capabilities. It combines the powerful features offered by Microsoft Excel making it fairly easy to use even without formal training.

DR Congo has emerged as a rapidly developing market for Automobiles & Auto Components, Printing & Publication and Retail industries. Several entrepreneurs in the region have benefited from ebizframe ERP implementation and it has helped them in better management, smooth functioning and providing a much needed boost to the African economy. ebizframe also offers immense opportunity for enhancing efficiency, productivity and competitiveness in DR Congo’s key industries such as Transport, Petroleum and Consumer products.

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A Plastic Manufacturer achieved 60% Reduction in Inventory Costs with ebizframe ERP in DRC

World's Largest Stone Mining Company Runs on ebizframe ERP in DRC

Ebizframe ERP automates 70% of the FMCG products that you see in all supermarkets in DRC

Ebizframe has been implemented in most of the supermarkets of different parts of DRC for more than a decade!

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