This app is designed to manage sales team activities including Attendance, Customer Registration, Leads, Route/tour Plan, Follow-up activities, and expenses along with approval on critical processes.

Features of CRM Mobile App

  • Lead generation
  • Contacts’ management
  • Track interactions
  • Pipeline and funnel monitoring
  • Scheduling/reminder
  • Visit Plans
  • Tour plans
  • Expense management
  • Activities management
  • Flexi Reports
  • Social Media Integration

Benefits of CRM Mobile App

  • Sales person can generate add new leads with customers’ details anywhere
  • Better understanding of customers improve business relationship
  • Increase customers’ retention rate
  • Better protection of data privacy
  • Access information on the go
  • Connect and collaborate with team members and customers on mobile easily
  • Filter customers’ profile
  • Track, access and update leads
  • Create and share reports
  • Seamless third-party integration
  • Mobile check-in for employees confirming their presence wherever they are
  • Email scheduling and tracking

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