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Ramp Up Your Corrugated Boxes Business with ebizframe

It is estimated that the worldwide demand for Corrugated Board (CB) Boxes Packaging will hit 260 billion  in 2019. While the boom in the industry like e-commerce, development of the Logistics sector, growth in the urban population, and disposable incomes is leading to the boom in the demand for CB Boxes, the industry is still under tremendous stress because of the ever-increasing prices of adhesives and paper. The advent of alternate packaging like plastics, shrink wraps and pouch packing is only adding to the stress. All this has forced the CB Boxes Industry to look at innovations as well as to improve their operational efficiencies.

One of the obvious panaceas for these issues is to implement an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Software that addresses the specific pain areas of the CB Box industryebizframe ERP, India’s leading ERP in the mid-market segment, has successfully helped the CB Box Industry across the world achieve significant improvements in its operational efficiencies. ebizframe ERP has also helped them achieve their objectives of traceability, improved product quality, better cost control and ultimately achieving a high level of Customer Satisfaction and increasing sales volumes. Besides the usual features of an ERP, some of the specific features ebizframe ERP brings for you are:

  1. Reel Management and Wastage Tracking.
  2. Accurate Pre-Sales Costing of any item with the click-of-a-button based on parameters such as Board Type, Dimensions, Ply, Die-cut, Wastages, etc.
  3. With greater visibility of Pre-Sales Costing, the Sales Teams can negotiate orders better.
  4. Seamlessly integrated with Advanced Planning Software used in CB Box industry like EFI.
  5. Tackle the lack of standardizations in Raw Materials.
  6. Manage multiple units of measurements (UoM) right from Raw Material to Finished Goods.
  7. Job Card Tracking.
  8. Stock issues on a FIFO basis ensur lesser wastage of perishable raw material like Paper.
  9. Manage shipment variations against orders because of inherent process variations.
  10. Accurate Profit Calculation (including all direct and indirect costs) against each order.
  11. Waste Paper Sales Management.
  12. Attachments like scanned copy of designs or other documents can be easily seen by all the people who are a part of the Workflow.
  13. Upload the data from MS-Excel sheets.
  14. Accurate Material and Production Planning.
  15. Manage the changes in raw material planning during the issue.

It’s time to utilize “ebizframe ERP” for your Corrugated Board Boxes Business

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