The Construction Industry is one of the booming industries in the world. It is projected to grow from US$ 8.5 Trillion in 2015 to US$ 10.3 Trillion by 2020 as per CIC’s (Construction Intelligence Centre) Global 50. With such exploding growth in this segment, Construction and Real Estate companies need a sophisticated and robust IT system to bolster their processes for better operational efficiencies and enhanced customer satisfaction.


For a Construction Company keeping its project sites running and the field staff productive is the top priority. ebizframe ERP for Construction Industry seamlessly integrates the end-to-end operations of the real estate life cycle to reduce risks & maximize profitability. Built on decades of industry experience, it is a comprehensive set of modules that offer better operational ability to bring more efficiency and greater productivity.


ebizframe ERP for Construction company in India bolsters the efficient operation of your business processes by integrating tasks related to Sales, Site Management, Manufacturing, Logistics, Project/General Accounting, and Staffing throughout the business. ebizframe the best ERP Software for Construction Industry ensures that authorized field staff has access to data at all times so that the construction work keeps moving and the field staff can communicate and collaborate with the top management. It also provides real-time connectivity on mobile devices to bolster the exchange of information between the field staff and management.

Benefits of ebizframe ERP Construction Management Software:

  • Exclude paper and manual process inefficiencies from your business by capturing all business data electronically in ebizframe ERP Software for Construction Management .
  • Handle every aspect of the Construction and Real Estate business under one roof to equip you to manage your Projects, Accounting, Sales and Marketing, Tenders and Site Management all integrated with one ERP solution.
  • Comprehensively manage projects comprising multilevel work breakdown, robust resource scheduling, etc.
  • Generate accurate and timely invoices based on Milestone Completion and get accurate results on Project Costs.
  • Use past performance of your business through Systematic Forecasting, Budgeting, and Planning.
  • With built-in Analytics, it helps you to mine and analyse the data critical to your business. You have access to valuable information in real time, especially when it will be of most use to the management and staff.
  • ebizframe Software for Construction Management helps you to enhance your competitive position in the market by improving efficiency and enables you to make decisions based on facts & figures instead of assumptions.
  • ebizframe for Construction provides comprehensive multi-site Project Management capabilities. It covers the daily progress of sites, petty cash, details of issued materials, hiring and life of instruments, movement of heavy machines, managing receivables, payables, etc.

Customers Says Its Best

Leading Construction Company in East Africa powered by ebizframe:

One of the leading Civil Engineering & General Building Construction Companies in the East African Region with an ongoing rapid cumulative expansion wanted an ERP System to replace its legacy system which was unable to compile its business data. Previously, the client was using Tally for Finance and MS Excel for managing all the other data. Their major pan area was the inability to track the expenses incurred on-site. After an in-depth analysis of the available solutions, the client opted for ebizframe ERP. software for  the construction Industry. The Construction Module was consolidated with Tendering, Engineering, and Project Management Modules. These features enabled users to project costs/expenses at every level. The client’s concern about tracking expensive machinery and tools in transit was effectively addressed by adding certain provisions into ebizframe. Post ebizframe ERP implementation, the client now enjoys a seamless exchange of information between their company in Tanzania and two sister companies in Kenya.

New Delhi based Builder switches to ebizframe for better Performance:
A New Delhi-based customer dedicated to raising standards in the construction industry since its inception has made an unmatched contribution to Civil Engineering landmarks around the country in widely divergent areas such as Hydro Power, Real Estate, Institutional Buildings, Mining, etc. They were looking for a widely accepted solution to manage their operations. Having outgrown their legacy system, ebizframe ERP evaluated highly imperative issues and dormant efficiencies in their existing system. Several modules were consolidated including Sales, Finance, Tendering Management, Employee Portal, and Equipment Maintenance. Implementation of ebizframe was conducted with a standard configuration which resulted in optimum returns without incurring high costs.

The Product Development and Implementation Teams responsible for ebizframe ERP software for Construction Industry maintain a sharp focus on continually improving and optimizing their processes not only to achieve product and delivery excellence but also to provide best-in-class solutions for its clients globally. An overzealous approach toward Quality Control (QC) in process excellence translates into significantly improved business outcomes for our customers. This unwavering emphasis on continual improvement is what keeps our customers coming back year after year.

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