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Business Intelligence Converting Data Into Actionable Insights

In today’s competitive world, businesses must go the extra mile, adopt new technologies to stay ahead of their competition. A business intelligence (BI) System refers to software that transforms data into actionable insights, helping businesses make intelligent business decisions.

Business intelligence (BI) comprises the strategies and technologies used by enterprises for the data analysis of business information. BI technologies provide historical, current, and predictive views of business operations. Standard functions of business intelligence technologies include reporting, online analytical processing, analytics, data mining, process mining, etc.

Business intelligence tools assist in merging and processing this massive amount of structured and unstructured data and quickly help find valuable business insights through queries. The BI reporting tools help in gaining proper analysis of the data through accurate visualizations, dashboards, reports, etc, and present a genuine picture of the Key Performance Metrics (KPIs), operational efficiencies, new income avenues, new opportunities, trends and patterns, outliers, and much more. BI-enabled Visual dashboards can quickly tell a story and highlight trends or patterns that would generally not be easily discovered when manually analyzing the raw data.

Microsoft Power BI : World’s Leading BI Tool

ESS has chosen Microsoft Power BI due to its ease of use, Data mining capability, Data analytics capability and, excellent Data Visualization capabilities that it offers. Microsoft’s Power BI platform is on the top position in Gartner’s magic quadrant of BI solutions. Gartner has been recognizing Microsoft as a Leader for more than a decade for Analytics and Business Intelligent platforms.


Eastern Software Systems – Power BI Consulting Company

BI Expertise :

ESS can help you leverage our team of Power BI experts to advance your analytic complexity level and create new possibilities for your organization.

Deep Industry Expertise :

Being pioneers in ERP space for over 30 years we have deep subject matter expertise in 20+ industry challenges and have delivered world-class BI solutions to top enterprises worldwide

Seamless Integration with Existing Systems :

Our team can develop and integrate BI modules into applications developed for you by 3rd party companies to increase your business performance and ensure effective data collection.

Offshore Delivery Methodology :

ESS’s Business Intelligence Service offshore delivery methodology helps deliver low-cost, high performance BI development and support services to our various global clients

Transparent and Unique Framework :

Our team of BI experts will provide you with a unique framework & methodology to take you on the journey from “what is” to “what if”

Efficient Delivery Mechanisms: 

ESS’s efficient delivery mechanisms lead to quick implementation and within budget project deliveries


Our Business Intelligence Services:

ESS offers Business Intelligence Services for BI Dashboard Development, BI Implementation, BI Architecture Designing,  Data Warehousing Solutions for Data Mining and Analysis, Migration Services and, Interactive Visualizations.

  1. Gain customer behavior insights : The success of BI implementation is often affected by data extraction-one of the most difficult aspects of this process. The goal of data extractions is to prepare the data for analysis.
  2. Data Visualization : Create compelling stories with our Data Visualization capabilities. Custom visuals tailored to your business and information structure to make more apt decisions.
  3. Data Insights : Acquire multi-dimensions, real-time analysis of this data through visual and dynamic dashboards.
  4. Data Integration :Combine and leverage data from multiple sources like Excel, Google Sheets, CRM software, disparate silo system, and ERP.
  5. Natural Language Processing : Talk to your BI using the NLP(Natural Language Processing) techniques. You could “type” or even “talk” to your BI.
  6. Mobility :Allowing you to manage your business on the go right from your tablet or smartphone.
  7. Alerts & Notification : While dashboards and reports greatly extend the usability of business intelligence tools, alerts and notifications will render even further practical applications for all business users.
  8. Business Intelligence Roadmap : Let our team of BI experts help you identify opportunities & build BI roadmap. The experts will help you avoid mistakes and leverage the software in a manner that directly results in revenue growth.

Business Intelligence has Transformed Various Industries

Major innovations in technology has changed the way businesses operate, and big data collection and analysis has become one of their biggest assets. BI stands for Business Intelligence and is a method of transforming raw data into meaningful information that helps businesses make informed decisions. BI can benefit a number of industries, including financial services, manufacturing, and healthcare. These are some of the industries that will benefit most from business intelligence.
ESS brings in standard as well as customized Business Intelligence solutions for the following industries:

BI for Retail Industry

Monitoring inventory is one of the largest benefits of BI for the retail industry, from the dispatch of orders to the point of sale. With the help of data warehousing, retailers can monitor their supply chains and provide oversight from start to finish. You can easily adapt your retail management and ensure your customers are offered the best possible offers at all times based on the most widely used retail metrics, such as sales by division and city, out of stock items, and top five items sold. If you keep an eye on these important metrics, you can easily avoid running out of stock, negatively affecting customer relations and efficiency on the whole. Having business intelligence in place will ensure that your processes remain optimized and perform at their peak.

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BI for FMCG Industry

Every day, more and more FMCG companies are facing more and more competition, including big retailers and small sustainable businesses. This has made it difficult for them to gain brand awareness and to compete in new growth channels, like e-commerce. A constantly-evolving industry, food producers, packagers, and distributors are always seeking new solutions to give their products an edge. By implementing BI in the food and business industry, companies are now able to use ground-breaking green technologies for packaging, which are safer and allow for carbon neutral distribution systems.

BI for Financial Industry

Banks and financial institutions are being reshaped by technology. In today’s highly dynamic financial market, financial institutions face mounting competition, changing customer demands, and increased controls and risk management.
At In the meantime, technology has enabled powerful business intelligence tools to help financial institutions to stay competitive. Insights that are gleaned from customer data that can aid the banking and finance industries in making smarter business decisions and enhancing management practices.

BI for Healthcare Industry

The Healthcare industry leads to vast amounts of scattered data and low visibility across the organization’s clinical, operational, and financial realms. With the help of BI, proper monitor and analyze clinical metrics, provide medical business intelligence, and share meaningful insights, via reports, throughout the entire organization. By implementing BI systems solutions for healthcare, healthcare facilities will not only decrease patients’ waiting times, but also improve the quality of healthcare services.

BI for Manufacturing Industry

BI software has considerable significance benefits for in the manufacturing industry. The amount of data collected and created by manufacturers keeps growing. Transforming data into insights that improve business outcomes is crucial to taking full advantage of the Industrial Internet of Things, Manufacturing 2.0, and other forward-thinking buzzwords. Making use of data intelligently along the value chain can give manufacturing companies a competitive edge.

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Business intelligence can be adopted by enterprises to support a wide range of business decisions ranging from operational to strategic. Our Power BI services offer business intelligence solutions like dashboards, reporting, custom visualization, and advanced analytics through one single platform. Business intelligence tools empower organizations to gain insight into new markets, assess demand and suitability of products and services for different market segments, and gauge the impact of marketing efforts.

Our team of BI experts is here to enhance your organization’s efficiency by allowing you to leverage your existing data. We will provide you with the tools vital for your business to transform complex, unstructured data into transparent and actionable business insights. It will expedite your decision-making processes and ensure that your business decisions are well-informed and backed with reliable data. To know more, contact us at

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