Field Staff Attendance

With hundreds of employees spreading across multiple regions, enterprises are realizing the need for custom attendance and leave management software. The Client wanted to create a mobile app to support their Web-based Attendance and Leave Managementsolution with the goal of tracing employees’ leaves and attendance with flexibility.

Features of Attendance & Leave Management App

  • Attendance & Leave management system is a platform that enables a company to easily capture attendance of fields staffs or from remote office staffs on real time basis along with GPS location.

  • It enables each employee to apply leaves and track their own leaves online. Employee can check their leave availability online while applying any leave.

  • Managers will get automatic alerts as soon as their subordinate applies leave. Manager can approve or reject the leave online based on their leave availability and can check the history of the leaves taken by employee.

  • Employee can also request for permission to go-out for their official or personal work. Actual time is recorded in the system as soon as the employee leaves the company premises and come back after completion of his/her official or personal work.

  • Manager can check the history of the employee’s go-out records.

Benefits of Attendance & Leave Management App

  • Get real-time attendance from field employees along with their accurate Geo Location
  • Leave records can be easily tracked online
  • Save huge amount of HR team’s time to provide leave information to employees and processtheir leave applications.
  • Track employees going out on their official or personal work.
  • Check employees’ history of attendance and leaves
  • Eliminate manual leave application and approval system

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