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Share and Collaborate

Latest management research has proved that sharing of information and collaboration among employees significantly improves the productivity and bottom line of the enterprise. ebizframe, an internet and web based ERP software, can help you share information between various departments/functions and let them collaborate better and help all of them to move towards common organizational goals.

Sharing does not mean that everyone has access to all the information in the organization. Information in ebizframe, a web based ERP system software is controlled by restrictions and access rights. So you have full control and decide on “who-sees-what” and “who-does-what”.

Improve Productivity and Quality

By using ebizframe web based ERP India software you will be able to achieve integration of different business processes across various business functions in your organization. This helps improve the speed and accuracy of business transactions. Speed helps keep your customers happy while accuracy improves quality and reduces re-work. ebizframe ERP software works with equal dexterity across large corporates, and medium-sized enterprises as well as an ERP for small business enterprises.

ebizframe web based ERP system software can help you ensure that your employees are involved in productive work rather than doing duplicate data entries, reworking the rejections or correcting the wrong entries, or reconciling data entered by different departments.

Manage multiple locations from single location

ebizframe ERP Software follows a 3-tier architecture system which means it runs from a Central Server(s). The web based ERP software systems are not required to be deployed on the individual user’s machines. This helps the internet based ERP software system to be accessed the over internet or any other form of connectivity from multiple locations even with low-bandwidth connectivity. Once installed on your servers, ebizframe, internet based ERP software, can easily be accessed using basic broadband or a USB Data-card from your multiple locations.

Consolidate or Drill down information

Using a web based ERP Systems software you can run your multiple businesses on the same software. You can consolidate the results of your multiple entities and at the same time, you can achieve drill down to the transaction level from a consolidated figure. This makes it easy for the Group level senior management to view the results of individual companies as well as the Group as a whole. ebizframe ERP Software also offers a unique “Selective Consolidation” feature using which you can consolidate results of only selected entities as well.

Take Decisions Based on Facts

Decision making plays key role in business management. At the end of the day, your business is what decisions you make at the beginning of the day.

ebizframe, an Internet based ERP software, helps provide you with useful analysis based on actual data entered into the system. Analytics has evolved over years and can give you useful insight into your businesses helping you manage them efficiently and effectively.

Management Dashboards help the Senior and Top management with useful graphical and top level analytics giving them useful information to run the operations.

Maintain Statutory Compliance

As a business matures, the processes become complex and companies have to maintain compliance with the rules and regulations of the land. These compliances can be related to taxes (VAT, Tax Deduction at Source, etc.) or Human Resource Compliance (Provident Fund, Social Security, etc.) or Compliance to Quality Standards (in food and pharma industry) or compliance to social obligations (child labor).

ebizframe ERP Software for small business India has built in returns that are generated directly from the Transactions ensuring that your Statutory compliance documents are met. Read more about ebizframe internet based ERP software.

Ideal ERP Software for Small Businesses

ebizframe ERP Software System is ideal not just for corporates and large enterprises but also for small businesses because of its low cost of ownership coupled with one of the shortest implementation cycle times across all ERP System software. This makes the enterprise achieve a significantly higher and faster Return on Investment (RoI) when opting for ebizframe ERP Software for their enterprise.

Sales Finance Material Manufacturing
Sales Budgeting Item Mgt. Finished Goods Planning
Consignee Sales Vouchers Warehouse Mgt. Scheduling
Order Management Cost Centers Lot Mgt. Work Center Management
30-day Money Back Guarantee! Opening Balance Supplier Mgt. Workstation Management
Pick, Pack & Ship Tax Profile Procurement Mgt. Route Tracking
Invoicing IFRS Quotation Analysis Tools/Equipment
Customer Price Set Up Chart of Accounts Material Inwards Bill of Materials
Opportunity/ Quotation Payments Quality Control Resource Allocation
Discounts BRS Stock Transfer By Product Management
Product Price Policy Templates Stock Valuation Batch Management
Daily Call Logging   Material Outwards Job Management
Sales Return   Material Costing Shop Floor Inventory
Letter of Credit   Imports WIP Tracking
    Multi Units of Measurement Quality Control

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